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Data-Targeted Email Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness | Acquire New Leads | Drive New Qualified Traffic to Website

Drive more qualified traffic to your website through Data-Targeted Email Marketing, which allows you to deliver a white-labeled, customized message to target consumers and prospects based on high-quality data, such as:

                Why Choose Us for Data-Targeted Email Marketing?    

  • 200MM+ Double Opt-In Prospects

  • Over 200+ Highly Targeted Lists Across all Industries and Verticals

  • Our Average Open Rate: 15% to 30%

  • Our Average Click Through Rate (Click-to-Sent Ratio): 1.5% to 3%+

Campaign Reporting includes: 

  • Distribution Counts

  • Open Rates

  • Clicks and Click Thru Rate

  • Custom URL Clicks

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